Mold Testing

Mold is a serious issue that can affect your health. Mold testing allows you to find the source of mold in your home so you can take corrective action before it becomes an even bigger problem. It’s important to have a qualified professional inspect your space for signs of mold and recommend the best way to test for it. Florida Mold Remediation Services are experts in this field, with years of experience helping people like you identify and solve these problems.

We offer accurate test kits that provide results within 24 hours as well as testing services from the most experienced technicians in the industry. Florida Mold Remediation Services always use cutting-edge technology such as infrared cameras and moisture meters, which means we will likely find all the areas affected by hidden water leaks or poor ventilation. We also offer powerful air purifiers that remove harmful spores from inside your living space after remediation has been done on your property.

The longer you wait to test for mold, the more damage it’s likely to do. Call Florida Mold Remediation Services today and schedule a free inspection of your property so we can identify any problems before they get out of hand. Our goal is to provide our customers with fast service at an affordable cost while maintaining high standards of professionalism on every job site. Please call us now if you would like a quote or have any questions about our services!

The Florida Mold Remediation Service Advantage

Advanced Technology

Unlike our competitors, we offer state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the most accurate results.

Technician Experience

We have years of experience in this field, so we know what it takes to find even the smallest traces of mold and take action before they cause bigger problems. This is why our customers trust us for their home inspection needs! Our professional technicians are highly trained experts who will use only reliable equipment during your test.

Fast Service & Affordable Pricing

We provide fast service at an affordable cost, so you can get the help that you need when it matters most.

Customer Service Expertise

Our friendly staff is available to assist our customers with all questions and concerns 24 hours a day! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services or if you have any other queries. We are always happy to provide free quotes on mold testing jobs in order to give you better insight into your options. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction because we know how important this issue is to Florida homeowners like yourself.

Licensed & Insured in Mold Testing

At Florida Mold Remediation Services, all of our technicians are licensed and insured in mold inspection and testing. They also work hard to meet industry standards and stay up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure you receive accurate results.

Our Work is Guaranteed

We guarantee all of our work, so you can feel confident that the job was done right. In case we missed any issues during testing, we’ll come back and fix it for free.

Our Mold Testing Services

Whole House Air Sampling

This test can be used to find mold in your living space or attic. We use advanced air sampling equipment to detect the presence of spores and chemicals that cause damage to property, so we can recommend a plan for removing them from your home.

We use Zefon spore trap cassettes (Air-O-Cell) to detect harmful spores in the air. These cassettes are sent to a lab for analysis, and if they test positive for mold we will recommend remediation on your property.

Swab Sampling or Lift Sampling

This test is used to determine the presence of mold on surfaces. We use unique swabs for collecting surface samples, which are then sent to a lab for testing and provided with remediation recommendations if they come back positive.

We use a wetted swab or Bio-Tape to lift the growth and then send it to an AIHA accredited lab for analysis and recommendations.

Carpet Sampling

This test is used to determine the presence of mold on the carpet. We use a unique method for collecting surface samples using adhesive tape, which is then sent to a lab for testing.

Infrared Thermal Imaging (IR) Camera Inspection

We will perform an infrared camera inspection before diagnosing your property in order to pinpoint areas where moisture may be trapped or leaks exist that cause water damage over time. This helps us find the source of any mold problems you might have more quickly!

Air Quality Inspection

This inspection is used to identify all potential sources of airborne contaminants within your home or office space by testing them with an infrared camera (FLIR). We then use our expertise to find hidden water leaks that may cause serious damage over time.

Do I Need Mold Testing?

Mold needs moisture in order to grow, so the best way to prevent mold growth is by eliminating sources of excess humidity. If you have any water damage or visible signs of mold on your walls or anywhere else in your home, it’s time for a professional assessment!

Mold testing is critical because it can detect hidden mold spores that may be causing harm to your health. If you have been experiencing frequent respiratory issues or any other signs of a possible allergy, now is the time to take action!

Mold Testing Prices

If you are looking for the best mold testing prices in town, look no further! We are the most affordable option in Florida. Our clients love our competitive rates and personalized service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

We believe quality and affordability should go hand-in-hand, so we offer the most competitive rates on all our mold testing jobs.

We guarantee to match any competitor’s price on mold inspection and remediation services!

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When you call, our mold testing experts will be ready to answer all of your questions about testing and remediation. We’ll also be able to schedule an appointment for mold testing within 24 hours!

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