Mold Damage Cleanup

Mold damage cleanup is a difficult job that should not be taken lightly. If left untreated, mold can lead to serious health effects for you and your family. Florida Mold Remediation Services are experts in cleaning up any type of mold damage – from water-damaged homes to commercial buildings. Our technicians are trained in the latest practices and technologies to ensure your property is restored quickly and efficiently so it’s safe once again for people to live or work there. We have decades of experience helping Floridians clean up after the devastation caused by hurricanes, floods – even broken pipes!

Our Cleanup Methods

We know how important it is to return your property back to its pre-loss condition – a clean and dry building free of mold spores. Our technicians use the following methods to remove any signs of water damage, including:

  • Wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes: This removes any mold spores and replaces them with a clean scent
  • Using high-powered fans to circulate the air: This helps dry out objects, surfaces, and even your family’s clothes or belongings. It also prevents mold spores from circulating around the room.
  • HEPA Vacuuming: Removes remaining dust, dirt, and debris from the affected areas. Additionally, we use the most advanced technologies available to make sure that your home or business is not only clean – but safe. We utilize thermal imaging technology and specialized blowers which are capable of removing water from places mold cannot grow on its own, like under cabinets, inside walls and in crawl spaces where moisture tends to accumulate over time.
  • Water Damage Extraction: Ensures that the area is completely dry before being left to prevent future problems.
  • Spraying disinfectant on hard surface floors & walls that have been water damaged: This kills and prevents future mold growth.
  • Using deodorizers to neutralize odors caused by excess moisture buildup: This replaces the smell of mildew with a clean, fresh scent. Our technicians also conduct air quality testing upon finishing their work so that you can rest assured your home is safe for you and your family once again. Since our cleaning process contains no harsh chemicals (only approved cleaners), it’s completely safe for children or pets – even if they have sensitive skin!

Safe and Ecological Mold Cleanup Methods

When working in homes where there are small children, we understand how important it is to remove all traces of dirt & grime from every surface before letting them return inside. We use only biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners that are safe to be used by people and animals. All our technicians go through extensive training to ensure they leave your home as clean as possible – without compromising your health & safety. When working in commercial properties, we work closely with insurance companies so that all services needed for a successful restoration process can be completed within their guidelines and requirements.

After water damage cleanup is complete, we’ll be sure to sanitize every surface of your home using an anti-bacterial spray so there are no traces left behind. That way, your family can return to a safe, clean environment as quickly as possible.

Professionalism and Expertise

Before beginning a mold damage cleanup or performing any other type of mold removal service, it’s important to identify what type of mold you’re dealing with – black toxic mold, green non-toxic mildew, red yeast, or yellow slime? We understand all these types of mold require slightly different methods for effective containment and clean-up. Our technicians are trained in all four common species found throughout Florida homes so they can provide an accurate diagnosis quickly without causing further damage. We also have state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and restore all contaminated surfaces.

Friendly Staff

We know that our customers are in a panic when they call us, and we want to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Our staff is trained in damage mitigation processes so that you know exactly what’s happening at all times – no surprises! Top-notch customer service is our number one priority – so much so, that we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our Florida mold cleanup and restoration services.

If you have any questions about mold damage cleanup or would like to learn more about what else we can do for you, please contact us today! We’ll come out to see the extent of the damage and discuss options moving forward. Mold removal is a large process requiring dedication from start-to-finish which requires professionals who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about their work.

Our team knows how important it is for homeowners to feel safe in their homes again after mold damage has occurred. That’s why each technician goes through extensive training to make sure they leave behind clean & sanitized surfaces. All materials used in our cleaning process are biodegradable and non-toxic so they’re safe for you, your family, and Mother Nature. We’ll work with you to make sure all restorations are completed according to your specifications and insurance company guidelines.

A Mold Cleanup Service Provider with a Reputation

We take pride in our work and have developed a solid reputation over the last five years of being reliable, honest & professional. We’re certified in mold remediation techniques so you can rest easy knowing that all contaminated surfaces are restored to their former glory – both inside & outside your home. If you want quality mold clean-up services without having to worry about hidden costs or “surprise” fees, choose us!

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Regardless of the type of mold damage or restoration service you require, we’re here to help. We have a team of experienced professionals who can come out and perform an initial inspection together so that all restorations are completed in accordance with your specifications and insurance company guidelines. Please contact us today for more information!

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